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Boncoin - Capijob

Boncoin - Capijob

C Developer expert in OS/400

Dpt / Région : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84, 04

Contrat :

Expérience : NC

Niveau d´étude : NC

Permis demandé : Permis NC

Salaire :

Niveau de qualification : NC

Société : Axway

In 2022, we are pursuing our ambitions to continue to enable organizations' digital transformation. We are looking for our new C developer expert in OS/400 to join Axway's family. Are you ready? Join us now!!!

Together we can. Together we will. Axway is an enterprise integration company that's been around for over 20 years to digitally transform enterprises of all sizes - more than 11,000 in 100 countries at last count. Axway revitalizes heritage IT infrastructures to enable brilliant digital customer experiences, unlock new business innovation and capabilities, and put companies on a secure, future-proof path for growth.

You'll exchange ideas with a culturally rich global community of over 1,800 members who connect remotely or show up onsite in virtually every time zone on the planet. And you'll have the support and camaraderie of your Axway leadership and colleagues to serve as a reminder that you're not alone on your journey, and that every day, you've taken one more step forward. With Axway, you'll go far because we're better together. Learn more:

OS/400 is an important platform in Automator’s portfolio as very big customers rely on this platform to ensure their production environments.

Automator is a set of applications designed to manage customer production tasks, distributed on multiple platforms, exchanging information between them, synchronizing and giving monitoring capabilities.

We want to reinforce our team with a C developer expert in OS/400. As a developer, you will work closely with the rest of the team as the main part of the code is shared between Unix, Windows and OS/400.

You will have to sustain the code, bring enhancements, port new functionalities, and communicate with teams outside R&D about the platform (with support, PSO, …).

Working on Automator core code you might have to develop and sustain it on other platforms too (Unix, Windows, …).

As a developer you are proficient in different technologies

  • C language
  • OS/400 (development environment and basic administration)
  • Network (TCP/IP socket and HTTP(s) communication)
  • Security

As a developer working for production software, the following behavior is natural since you are

  • Serious with a sense of humor,
  • Rigorous,
  • Organized,
  • Curious (OS/400 dev is not straightforward and finding or porting a library means having the ability to search for advice on the internet, try different options and choose the closest to our needs)
  • Autonomous
  • Customer satisfaction oriented

In addition, knowledge of these technologies will be a real differentiator

  • Java
  • Rest APIs architecture
  • Python
  • Unix and Windows development environments
  • DevOps technologies

As a developer, you will encounter pleasure and excitement working on this project with a great team. As our environment is also based on trending technologies like

  • Elasticsearch & Kibana
  • Keycloak
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Clouds (google, azure & AWS)

You will have the possibility, if you wish, to gain knowledge on those topics as well by putting your hands under the hood or using our excellent online training capabilities.

This job will be in Paris with remote work partially possible. If you are not located in the Paris area but you feel confident and interested in the job, please contact us we’re open for discussion.

Poste ouvert aux personnes en situation de handicap.