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Boncoin - Capijob

Boncoin - Capijob

Operator GTM Manager

Dpt / Région : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84, 04

Contrat :

Expérience : NC

Niveau d´étude : NC

Permis demandé : Permis NC

Salaire :

Niveau de qualification : NC

Société : Xiaomi Technology

Operator GTM Manager Xiaomi is a Fortune Global 500 company with focusing on smartphones and IoT ecosystem products. The senior leadership truly believes that high-quality and well-designed technology products and service should be available to the whole world. Let everyone should be able to enjoy the joy of life through innovative technology. Xiaomi has developed more than 70 markets worldwide. Xiaomi is a truly global player that has successfully achieved a foothold in the key international markets. We are looking for a passionate talent to join our booming business as the Operator GTM Manager! Job description: 1. Plan product portfolio according to the actual demand of local market to form competitive national product roadmap? 2. Manage products? launch plan, product lifecycle management based on project? 3. Product pricing and cost performance analysis to support market competitiveness of products at different stages of their life cycle? 4. Sales forecast management and review?manage life cycle forecast to ensure WOI/DOS health & achieve sales target; 5. Integrate channel sales, retail, promotion and other departments to complete product launch plan?promote products? preheating, release, channel coverage, retail coverage by integrated marketing? 6. Other sales support Job requirement? 1. More than 3 years experience in product management or channel management in mobile phone industry, experience in handling specific product is a plus? 2. Have overseas work experience is preferred; 3. Have Team spirit, leadership and ability to work across departments? 4. Have enterprising spirit and strong executive power? 5. Bachelor degree or above, Chinese as Mother Tongue, English as a working language. ????? 1. ????????????????????????????MKT, ????????????????????? 2. ???????????????????????????? 3. ????????????????GTM??????????????? 4. ????????????????????? 5. ??????????????????? 6. ????????????? 7. ??BP????????????????????????? ????? 1. ??????????3???????? 2. ?????????????? 3. ????????????? 4. ??????????? ? 5. ???????????????