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Boncoin - Capijob

Boncoin - Capijob

VP Product Design

Dpt / Région : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84, 04

Contrat :

Expérience : NC

Niveau d´étude : NC

Permis demandé : Permis NC

Salaire :

Niveau de qualification : NC

Société : PrestaShop

PrestaShop is looking for a VP Product Design to inspire, coach and help our Product Designers in their development. As a VP, you will join the top management team to actively participate in the life of the company with all the other Top Managers (Revenue & Tech), such as the definition of the strategy and the OKRs, the diffusion of the corporate culture, in a collective intelligence approach You will join the Product team to be the owner of Product Design: ? Leading the design thinking process within the company throughout the Product life cycle (exploration, discovery, design, delivery, measure) ; ? Contribute to the Product vision & the whole User Expérience at PrestaShop ; ? Animate & Engage the whole Product team with the other Product Leaders. Our Product ecosystem is split into 3 Tribes (Core, Extensions, Distribution) & Squads. Each squad is made of a Product pair : a Product Manager & a Product Designer. Activities owned by all the product team including Product Design: ? Measure and interpret users' behaviors via quantitative tools (Analytics) ? Measure and interpret users' behaviors via qualitative tool (NPS, surveys, user tests and itws) ? Identify and articulate pain points to improve products use ? Bring the voice of its users within the company ? Recruit and ensure the conduct of user research activities (surveys, interviews, usability tests, focus group) using the User Club ? Write the interface wording in English (English native review to be assessed) Activities owned by Product Design: ? Benchmark competitors solutions ? Select and put into practice relevant user research methodologies to meet priorities ? Propose a range of solutions to the identified pain points and select one ? Conduct usability tests ? Lead creative, ideation and co-design workshops ? Write the user interface part of the User Stories ? Produce all the interface elements of the path of each User Story taking into account the constraints (technical / accessibility / responsive) ? Create interactive prototypes ? Brief developers on user interfaces to implement ? Check the correct behavior of user interfaces You would be a great fit for this rôle if: ? You have around 10 years of experience in Product Design ; ? You are a true team player, focused on the company as a whole ; ? You have successful track records related to User Research and Product Design conception ; ? You have an agile mindset ; ? You are data oriented ; ? You have experience in coaching and managing a team ; ? You have strong communication skills ; ? You?re known for your enthusiasm, transparency and kindness, but also for your ability to challenge and proactivity ; ? You love transforming legacy ? You are fluent in both French and English ; ? An experience in e-commerce is a (big) plus. Our selection process: ? HR Phone screen (30-45 min) ? Interview with our CPO at the PrestaShop office (1h) ? Product Strategy Use case, with our CPO and Product Leads (1h) ? Interview with our CTO & CRO (1h) ? Final interview with our Talent Acquisition Manager, VP HR and CEO (1h) + An informal meeting to get to know the Product Designers. We also collect references between steps 4 & 5. VP Product Design at PrestaShop looks great, right?We have dozens of similar job posts on our site, interested?Leave your email and we'll send the best matches.