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Boncoin - Capijob

Boncoin - Capijob


Dpt / Région : Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur, 05, 06, 13, 83, 84, 04

Contrat :

Expérience : NC

Niveau d´étude : NC

Permis demandé : Permis NC

Salaire :

Niveau de qualification : NC

Société : BlackRidge Group

Rolepurpose The Servers Operating Systems Engineers will support, maintain and improve the EIB server infrastructure at Operating System level. Engineers will work to drive automation and good practice to improve consistency and enhance the customer experience. Engineers are expected to have a strong focus on system engineering, and the ability to deliver value. The Service Provider?s engineers shall have expertise in Redhat Linux OS and Unix systems respectively. The team of Servers Operating Systems Engineers shall collectively possess all of the technical skills described below, each of the technical skills listed below shall be covered at least by one (1) re- source proposed for this profile. The non-exhaustive list of job responsibilities as well as technical and specific skills / experience is shown below. Jobresponsibilities ? Providesubjectmatterexpertiseinoperatingsystemsengineering. ? Provide advanced technical support and serve as an escalation point for IT incidents and ser-vicerequests,includingwiththirdparties( )asnecessary. ? Participateinthedevelopmentofsystemsstandards,policiesandprocedures. ? Document engineering work, incident resolution and recurring incidents; creating technicalanalysis,performance, andenhancement reports. ? Designandmaintainautomationsolutions. ? Leadprojectteams andactingas aresource for otherteammembers. ? Plan, implement and carry out maintenance consisting of upgrades/updates/fixes for coreoperatingsystemsandtheirrelatedcomponents,followingindustry goodpractices. ? Ensure performance and reliability by monitoring systems for high availability, loadbalancing,andsatisfactoryresponsetimes. ? Work with other information technology professionals to resolve performance issues andoptimiseperformance. ? RespecttheITILstandards&processes forProduction,Dev,UATenvironments. ? Open mind, Think out of the box and look to resolve not Incidents but actual to resolve Root cause issues and ability to implement workarounds as and whenneeded. Technicalandspecificskills/Experience Mandatory: ? Experienceasengineeringsupportforenterprise-levelconfigurationmanagement. ? Experienceinprovisioningand decommissionofVMrunningRedhatOS. ? KnowledgeofLDAPprotocolandsystems. ? ExperienceinmanagementofLDAP. ? Experience inmanagementofDNSandDHCP. ? ExperienceinRedhatOSversions5,6,7 (installation,maintenance). ? Goodtroubleshootingskills. ? ExperiencemanagingNFS/CIFSorSMB ? Experince with automation and configuration management tools like Satellite/Foreman,Puppet. Beneficial: ? Experience in setup of Application specific servers to correspond to applicationrequirements. ? ExperiencewithautomationandscriptingusingPowerShell,Ansible,Python,Bash, ? ExperienceinRedHatOSversion8. ? ExperienceinconfigurationofSatellite/Foreman. ? ExperiencewithRundeck,GIT,codeversioningandreview. ? Experiencewithmigration ? At least one of the following vendor domain certifications: Red Hat Certified Engineer(RHCE).